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10th Anniversary of MtscoMaxtech

10th Anniversary of MtscoMaxtech

 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of MtscoMaxtech’s establishment, we made a 7-day’s trip to Perth, Australia. 


Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australia state of Western Australia, with many beautiful natural scenery, such as Swan River, Kings’ park, the Pinnacles, Wave Rock, Lake Cave, Margaret River, etc.  

We are a big group with total 12 members, so before going to Perth, we had made the schedule. On 19th, May, our travel began!

The first day, we went to Fremantle and Rottnest Island. Fremantle is a major port city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River. And Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located 18 kilometers west of Fremantle. There are many animals in the island, especially Setonix brachyurus.

The picture above is taken in Fremantle beach.

These pictures are taken in the Rottnest Island, the Setonix brachyurus are so cute and lovely.

The second day, on 21th, May, we went to watertown and at night we visited one of our important clients in Perth. He held a party for us, thanks for his hearty hospitality, we enjoyed such a wonderful party in Perth.

That is such a nice experience for all the members in Mtsco, which made us realize the different culture between China and Australia, also know the importance to visit the clients and enhance the relationship with the clients.

On 22th, May, we went to the north part:

Yanchep National Park 



Lancelin is an amazing but small town, one view is the Indian Ocean, one is the desert. These pictures are taken when we were sandboarding, and only teamwork can make the game more interesting.

The Pinnacles

The fourth day we had a whole view of the city Perth from King’s Park.

 And we also visited the Perth Zoo, there were many national animals in that zoo.

Such as this lovely Koala.

And in the last two days we chose to make a trip to the south part of the Western Australia, the Lake Cave, the Busselton Jetty. 

The last night in Perth, we invited our client to have dinner, and made the traditional Chinese food.

The 7 days’ trip ended in the beautiful scenery of Perth. During those days, we lived together, just like a big family. All of us had our own jobs and help each other when in need. It is the same to that when we are working in the office. Everyone has his own work, and all the members play an important role in the daily working. That is the importance of cooperation.

Mtsco has its first 10 years in 2016, and he witness our ups and downs. Our story in Mtsco continues, let us look forward the next ten years of Mtsco! 


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