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2013-07-09 10:30 Stone engraving machine’s value in use

2013-07-09 10:30Stone engraving machine’s value in use

With engraving machine is widely applied, it gradually understand and familiar people, more and more people concern. Engraving machine involved in the industry is very broad, the most common is wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, foam carving machine, etc. These modern equipment in our daily production and life to play this increasingly important role, it is now increasingly clear that the needs of a growing segmentation, and today we focus on what we stone engraving machine.

The rapid development of digital technology, led to more new stone engraving machine engraving machine such as bulls advent of automatic tool change, compared to the original single-head engraving machine engraving machine these high-end more professional, whether it is in the engraving process when processing speed or processing technology is far superior to single-head engraving machine. In addition, these new engraving machine significantly increase the degree of automation in the era of rapid growth in labor costs is particularly important, it has also become impressed many buyers of the important reasons. Former clients in the choice of stone engraving machine, mostly from simple hollow cut, embossed, alignment and other considerations, but in actual use and production still requires more manual operation, the relative degree of automation is not high for a long time , the domestic market demand for stone engraving machine engraving machine is mostly dominated the low-end, and for high-end products less involved. And now, with a lot of investment into the production client engraving scale, simple engraving machine has been unable to meet their growing demand for orders, process changes, purchasing a new engraving machine become a trend.
We use stone engraving machine, you also need to pay attention to every kind of material the tool will have a maximum cutting depth, we use stone engraving machine for processing time try not to use the tool to process the maximum cutting depth, because this value is only a reference value for the user, can not exceed this value, so in actual operation as much as possible should be less than this value, the control of two-thirds in value very ideal, and this can be enough of a long stone cutter, tool life will be longer. Some users want to increase the speed of the stone engraving machine, this is the hardness of the material according to the sculpture and stone carving tool performance to determine a reasonable engraving speed, of course, taking into account also the stone engraving machine itself, stability and other properties, can not let machine overload operation.

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