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2013-08-13 09:39 Engraving machine industry to speed up product development

2013-08-13 09:39Engraving machine industry to speed up product development

For a long time, CNC machinery industry generally and weak, inadequate investment in technological innovation, the introduction of digestion and absorption ability, capacity for independent innovation is not high, the lack of excellent technical personnel and other issues, along with China CNC machinery industry after many years of rapid development, requirements for manufacturing equipment to achieve a high degree, for a lot of Cnc Engraving Machine enterprises to accelerate transformation of development mode, vigorously implement technological innovation, promote the adjustment of product structure, to avoid blind expansion of low-grade, general production, accelerate economic type engraving machine upgrading the pace and focus on developing high-end CNC engraving machines and production lines.
As a CNC engraving machine industry representatives, Jinan River CNC recent years to speed up product development speed, vigorously implement technological innovation and enhance the capability of independent innovation, to master a number of high-end CNC system and the key features of the core technology, and promote the product structure adjustment, focus on product upgrading and transformation, business innovation and remarkable achievements in the bigger, stronger wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine and other traditional conventional machines at the same time, in the heavy, super heavy-duty CNC engraving machine made ​​a major breakthrough in research and development, axis Cnc Machining center, CNC horizontal boring lathe super-heavy reached the international advanced level and a number of high-end cnc machine successfully developed, become involved in this field, one of the few to meet the aerospace, power generation equipment, automotive and other key areas and high-end parts for large machining requirements focus on promoting the development of industry and related industries have played a positive role in promoting.

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