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5 Design Principles Of Metal Stamping Processing

Metal stamping processing, the quality of stamping parts, and stamping dies are very important factors. The quality and early design of the stamping die are the key factors of the die. What should we pay attention to when designing stamping dies?

(1) The metal stamping process must conform to product use and technical performance, and be easy to assemble and maintain.

(2) Metal stamping processing should help to increase the utilization rate of metal materials, reduce the types and specifications of materials, and minimize the consumption of materials. Where possible, use low-cost materials to make the parts as waste-free and blank as possible.

(3) The metal stamping process must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure, which is conducive to simplifying the mold structure and simplifying the process. That is, the processing of the entire part is completed by a small and simple stamping process, which can be reduced and processed by other methods. It is easy to operate and organize to realize mechanized and automated production, thereby improving labor productivity.

(4) For metal stamping processing, under the condition of ensuring normal use, reduce the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level as much as possible, which is conducive to product interchange, reduces waste, and ensures stable product quality.

(5) The design of stamping parts should be as beneficial as possible to the use of existing equipment, process equipment and processes, and to extend the service life of the mold.

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