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Advantages of “Sida” brand auto parts in Wuxi Diesel Plant


Brand First, Quality Assurance. The “Sida” brand operated by Wuxi Sida Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a famous brand of diesel engines and accessories with a history of nearly 30 years in Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory. It has been recognized by the majority of users. “Chai” comes from the same parent-Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory “Sida” brand. The accessories operated by the company have the following obvious advantages.

crankshaft. Diesel engines below 147 kW (200 hp) use high-strength ductile iron crankshafts; above 147 kW (200 hp) use high-quality forged steel crankshafts to improve the material grade; above 169.05 kW (230 hp) are quenched by round corners to increase the strength. The quality of the crankshaft is high-quality, it can run continuously for a long time with overload, and it has the remarkable characteristics of high temperature resistance, no breakage and no wear. Cylinder head. The use of international advanced technology for air and water channel design makes the cylinder head air intake more sufficient and the flow of water smoother. The introduction of static pressure molding line combines the advantages of international advanced air punching and static pressure molding. The application of dense drying casting technology has High strength, high temperature resistance and non-cracking characteristics. Four supporting facilities. It is composed of piston, cylinder liner, piston pin and piston ring.

Since the launch of the four-pack with the characteristic packaging of Sida auto parts, it has been warmly welcomed by the majority of Xichai Sida machine users. The launch of the four sets of accessories is based on the consideration of users, and the industrial style is convenient for users to quickly maintain. The parts are selected from domestic famous manufacturers. The quality is high, and the standard is the same as the installed parts. After strict screening and cooperation, the matching gap is guaranteed and the quality is reliable. It is packed in wood and carton, which is convenient for users to store, transport and use.

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