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Analysis of surface processing technology of common hardware parts ?

Analysis of surface processing technology of common hardware parts?
Traditional hardware parts are generally small hardware, and the materials are generally made of various metal devices made by forging, die-casting, cutting and other physical processing materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, and steel. In fact, hardware parts also include mold hardware. Hardware, mechanical hardware, home appliance hardware, household hardware, communication hardware, window hardware, construction hardware, etc. In addition to mechanical processing technology, hardware processing is generally accompanied by surface treatment technology to enhance certain specific Performance, so what are the surface processing techniques of common hardware precision lathe processing machine parts:
1. Spraying processing. When the hardware factory produces large-scale hardware parts, they generally need to spray the surface on them. Common spraying processing includes powder spraying, oil spraying, paint spraying, etc., and the sprayed ones we use daily Hardware parts include the shells of electrical appliances and mechanical equipment, etc.;2. Electroplating. Electroplating is a process often used in the processing of hardware parts. The surface of the hardware parts is electroplated through modern technology to ensure that the parts will not be mildewed and grown during long-term use. Rust, common parts that need to be electroplated include screws, metal accessories, stamping sheets, car parts, etc.;
3. Polishing, surface polishing is more common in our common daily parts. Polishing the surface of hardware parts can achieve the effect of removing burrs. For example, we often use stirring, stainless steel bowls and watch straps in our kitchenware. , Equipment metal probes, etc., after mechanical processing, some burrs often remain. These burrs will cause trouble in later use, such as scratches, cuts, scratches, etc., so after polishing, The subsequent use process is more convenient and prevents user injury.
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