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Application of 6061 Aluminum Plate in Ships

In recent years, hull lightweight development has developed rapidly, and the ship industry has continued to develop, so raw materials must keep pace. Aluminum plates have become particularly important. Many people don’t understand. Can’t ships use steel?

Many industries now use aluminum. That is because of the low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance of aluminum plates, so ship designers believe that aluminum plates are more suitable for shipbuilding than steel plates. The processing cost of aluminum is lower, so it is more economical to use aluminum to make ships.

Many types of aluminum plate can be used on ships, such as 6061 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate and so on. Today talk about 6061 aluminum plate. 6061 aluminum plate is very good for marine accessories because of several characteristics.

1.6061 aluminum plate is low density and lighter than other materials. Therefore, the overall weight of ships made of 6061 aluminum plate is 15% -20% lighter than ships made of steel plate. In this way, the fuel consumption will be greatly reduced and the speed will be faster.

2. The aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance. The ship is blown by the sun and sun. If it is parked in water or sea all year round, the paint will definitely fall off. After using aluminum, the number of maintenance can be reduced.

3. Welding performance is good, which side of the ship has fallen off, as long as it is made of aluminum, it can be easily welded, and safety can be guaranteed.

From the above points, aluminum plate is indeed one of the development directions of the shipbuilding industry in the future. The aluminum plate is the device.

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