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Are toxic chemicals included in the plastic products we buy?

The simple answer is ‘not intentionally’.  The more thorough answer is that toxicity is a complicated subject.  Salt, and even water, at too high an intake are toxic to humans.  Both are necessary for health and neither is considered toxic.  To be a risk, any toxic material must be delivered to sensitive organs in sufficient quantity to create an adverse result.  Health risk is not created by mere presence alone.

Plastic products may contain many additives that are included to change appearance, such as colors, or to change performance, such as materials that make stiff plastics more limp and flexible.  All additives for food packaging must pass stringent testing to meet FDA requirements for indirect food additives whether the additive actually is ingested or not4.  Additives for other than food packaging have other requirements to meet.  In general, if an additive becomes identified as problematic, alternatives are found and used.   As for the plastic itself, manufacturers recognize it is in their best long-term interest to be sure the plastic as made create negligible risk.

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