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Attention points of lathe equipment when processing stamping parts

Pay attention to the lathe equipment when processing stamping parts! Stamping parts processing is a project that our company has been engaged in for many years, and the effect in the market is also relatively good!

The main points to note about the lathe equipment during stamping processing are as follows: Do not open the cuffs and wear tight protective clothing. Wear protective caps for long hair and no gloves during operation. The chuck and faceplate must have secure bolts, which must be tightened before use; the tapered shaft chuck must be fitted with a tie rod. Before operation, check the working condition of the lathe, and deal with the problem in time if the problem is found, and the workpiece and the tool must be tightened. The protruding parts of the chuck, dial, and heart clip holding the workpiece are best to use a protective cover to prevent the clothes and other parts of the body from being twisted. If there is no protective cover, pay attention to the distance during operation and do not approach it. When the workpiece is changed, do not use your hands to wrap the sanding cloth to sand the parts or use cotton sand to polish the parts. To sand the inner hole and outer circle, it is necessary to wrap the sanding cloth with a mallet. Use hooks to eradicate the strip-shaped chips and spiral-shaped long chips that are cut down in time, and stop using hands. Except that the lathe is equipped with active measuring equipment during work, the workpiece should be parked to measure the workpiece, and the tool post should be moved to a safe position. When turning slender workpieces, an intermediate frame or a follower frame should be selected to ensure safety, and the part of the lathe should be marked with a mark. In order to prevent the chipping chips from hurting people, a transparent baffle should be installed in a suitable position.

In the process of consuming various stamping products, the undesirable phenomena such as scratches, indentations, or deformation of rounded corners in the parts are mainly caused by the following.

  • 1. Look at the stamping process: the operator does not pay attention to the operation during the stamping process, the parts are displaced to the mold or the corners of the conveyor belt when they are in and out of materials, and they collide; the height of the conveyor belt is unreasonable; the automation equipment is unreasonable (such as stroke, speed Wait).
  • 2. let’s take a look at the loading and unloading of the station tools: overload (deformed by compression); stacking (collision between parts); collision, overturning, and overspeed during the handling of station tools.

In addition to ensuring the strength and rigidity of the stamping materials, it must also meet the requirements of the stamping process.

The quality of the data directly affects the stamping process design, mold design, mold service life, the quality and service life of stamping parts, and it is also related to the cost of stamping parts. Therefore, on the one hand, the construction process of stamping parts should be improved through product design. To send the deformation conditions of the materials during the stamping process to reduce the quality requirements for the materials; on the one hand, materials with suitable stamping performance should be selected to comply with the deformation requirements of the stamping process and ensure the quality of the parts. Therefore, when choosing stamping parts materials At this time, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably evaluate the stamping performance of the data, and correctly control the relationship between the stamping performance of the data and the stamping formability, so as to give full play to the plastic deformation ability of the data, which reduces the cost of the data and ensures the stability of consumption.

The relevant application of metal stamping parts in the market! Our company specializes in the production of various types of metal stamping parts, with advanced technology and quality assurance.

Metal stamping parts have become a business opportunity for the hardware market in the future. From the recent actions of individual enterprises in Guangdong stamping parts processing, the following considerations have been triggered:

With the intensification of competition pressure in the automatic lathe parts market, most hardware factories are consuming, and their profit margins at all stages of the industrial chain are shrinking, and the room for price reductions is decreasing. After the electricity price increase, the consumption cost of the hardware factory has increased, and it is difficult to pass it downstream because it has to be digested by itself, and the profit margin of the Dongguan hardware factory has been further squeezed. The vicious circle of industrial chain development has caused many hardware factories to realize that if they want to develop for a long time and do a good job in the market, they must choose a new battlefield. At the same time, price competition alone cannot establish central competitiveness, which is not the direction of long-term development. Guangdong stamping parts processing strives to explore new development paths. At the same time, it will enhance the technological innovation and quality improvement of the company’s own products. Establish a new main line of operation policy to ensure the completion of the sustainable development of the enterprise.

At the same time, quite a few cities, as a land-sale market, are not only large in number and low in level, but also mostly integrated, without professional characteristics and misplaced operations. As a result, competition has intensified, development has been restricted, and development has been restricted. The shuffling is inevitable; we are very optimistic about the few professional markets that are produced in the country, nationally and internationally. This is the liveliest and most vital cell in the global market for foreign markets. These professional markets are not only large in market space, Moreover, there is a good separation from the local industry, and the support of the central government is far greater than that of other types of professional markets.

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