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Automobile engine cleaning method

If the damp cloth cannot clean the dirt, try a normal detergent to wipe it. If the above two methods have been tried, and the dirt still cannot be wiped off, then choose water cleaning. Secondly, when cleaning, wrap all the parts that cannot be wetted with water, and then remove the dirt with a brush, water and detergent. If you encounter dirt that is difficult to completely remove, then you need to use an engine-specific cleaner. *It is better to choose a foam cleaner, because the foam stays on the dirt surface for a longer time, which can decompose the dirt and make it surface. However, the chemical effect of this type of cleaner is usually relatively strong, so it takes at least 10 minutes to rinse it off with water. But there are also the following points that need to be noted:

1. First, remove dirt or dust that can be removed with water. Be sure to cover the parts before spraying water.

2. The cleaning agent dedicated to the engine cannot be used on the paint.

3. *Severe dirt can be dealt with with a foam engine special cleaner.

4. The water tank cover and exhaust pipe that have been aluminum-plated should be cleaned with a special detergent.

5. Do not use powerful detergents, but try household detergents.

6. ​​The dirt solidified by high temperature is a dirt peculiar to the engine room, and it will be more effective to use a special cleaning agent.

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