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Can Silicone Plate For Baby & Toddler Be Put In Washware?

As I had mentined on the previous essay, the market of silicone baby products is incresing bigger and bigger. As a necessary product, the changing selling volum of silicone baby plate can prove that silicone material baby items is become more and more popular. 
What is your first choice when choose a feeding bowl for your baby?
As for this question, ten years ago, Plastic baby bowls may be most people's answer. However, parents' first choice in today has changed. As so many baby products made of silicone rubber are selling on market, obviously, in recently, parents show a preference of silicone kids products.As we all know, compared to hand-washing dishes, Europeans and American are more willing to use a washware.
Will the chemical detergent have a chemical reaction with silicone baby plate?
Will these kids plates made of silicone rubber deform due to the high temperature on washware?
This are the two question parents may concerned about.
Silicone rubber is a kind of material FDA approved can directly contact with food. Silicone's stable featurre is one of the most important reasons why silicoen products is safe.
Silicone is inert, so silicone products is inert to most chemical substance. Generally speaking, chemical reactions goes slower on silicone than on other material baby feeding plates.
If you really worry about the chemical detergent, I advice you to choose the detergent special for silicone.
We had talked about that silicone is a kind of inert material. Due to it's stable feature, silicone products is not only be inert to most chemical substance but resisting to extrem environment and temperature. The temperature on a washware is between 100-200 degrees. However, silicone baby plate can be use on a temperature between -40~420 degrees.
Obviously, washware is safe for silicone plate for baby & toddler 

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