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Carry out inspections on auto parts used by auto repair companies


During the market inspection, we found that many inferior auto parts products have entered into auto repair companies in large numbers. There are a few auto repair companies here who are also victims, but many are also caused by the purchase of ** auto parts by the repair companies. What’s more, some maintenance companies know that there are fakes and buy products that are of poor quality. The municipal technical supervision department will step up investigation and punishment, including strengthening the inspection of auto parts used by auto repair companies. Once the purchase or use of counterfeit or substandard auto parts is found, it will be punished as illegal sales.

The qualified rate of the inspection and random inspection of auto maintenance and auto parts quality is not high. Among them, there are not only the problems of incomplete technical standards, inadequate supervision of law enforcement, and insufficient punishment, but also low quality awareness of the operating enterprise, chaotic internal management, and maintenance quality control. Various rules and regulations are not fully implemented, or even have no rules to follow. To this end, the following opinions are hereby put forward.

If rectification has not been carried out, the reasons must be analyzed immediately, a practical rectification plan shall be formulated, and a special person shall be designated to supervise the implementation. The rectification report should be submitted to the Quality Supervision and Administration Department of Nanjing Technical Supervision Bureau within two months, and the rectification report on automobile maintenance should also be copied to the Automobile Maintenance Management Office of Nanjing Transportation Bureau. In addition to actively rectifying and reforming projects that involve human health, personal and property safety and other national compulsory standards control items are judged to be unqualified, the enterprise should seriously cooperate with the technical supervision administrative law enforcement agency to investigate and deal with it in accordance with the law. Auto parts products that fail the random inspection must stop selling immediately, and the technical supervision department will go through the approval procedures if the quality is verified and there is no safety concern. If the unqualified products from other places are re-entered into our city, they must go to the Quality Supervision and Administration Department of the Technical Supervision Bureau to go through the inspection procedures. The sales unit shall be allowed to sell on the basis of the qualified inspection report, and the entrusted inspection report is invalid.

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