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Carry out the finite element analysis of the strength and stiffness of the car body structure

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the international competition faced by domestic automobile manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce. The design trend of automobile body structure is dominated by safety, fuel saving, and comfort. Therefore, the finite element analysis of the strength and stiffness of the body structure is carried out. , Can provide a basis for structural improvement. With the development of computer technology, the finite element method has been increasingly applied to the automotive industry, and manufacturers have become more and more aware of the important position of finite element analysis in the product design and manufacturing process. This article uses MSC.PATRAN to perform finite element analysis on a passenger car body structure, which is of great significance for reducing product cost and improving market competitiveness.

The establishment of the finite element model of the whole vehicle According to the CATIA geometric model, the frame and the structure of the whole vehicle, the finite element model of the whole vehicle is established. Because the frame structure is mostly made up of irregular cross-section parts, it is difficult to simulate the beam element completely, and its analysis accuracy is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, shell elements are used for simulation, and other parts of the vehicle are simulated by beam elements. In the model, some decorative parts, craft parts, skins, and glass structures are ignored. Car body structure strength analysis, bending working condition Full load bending working condition is to simulate the working condition of the whole vehicle running on a flat road under full load to investigate the strength of the body frame.

Through the analysis and processing of the MSC.PATRAN software, the stress cloud diagram of the body frame beam element under the bending condition and the stress of the frame shell element under the bending condition are obtained. After analysis, under the full-load bending condition, the maximum stress occurs at the right door column, the stress is 55.4MPa, and the maximum displacement occurs at the passenger door, and the displacement is 4.25mm. Statistics, and make a pie chart for visual display The proportion of the members in the total number of members under each stress level. Torsion condition (single wheel suspension condition) full load bending and torsion condition is to simulate the working condition when the whole vehicle is under full load condition when driving over rugged and uneven roads at a lower speed, and is used to examine the strength of the whole vehicle under torsion Condition.

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