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Cartoon Design Silicone Corner Guards Wholesale

New product cartoon design silicone corner guards wholesale.
Are you searching for baby edge and corner guards supplier?Do you want to do business with edge corner protector factory?Silicone corner guards manufacturer Dongguan Weishun Silicone Co. Ltd. recommend you our new design cute cartoon silicone corner guards. Corner guards are common daily use product. It serves many different purposes.Prevent people injury. Restaurants often use them in high-trafic area like kitchen. And at home, parents use soft table corner desk edge cushion on a purpose of avoiding kids hurt by hard edge such as desk edge, door edge corner.Protect heavy equipment. Medical facilities have edge corner guards in laboratories equipped with heavy equipment. In addition , it is also used on parking garages and loading docks,  to reduce goods damage from crates, vehicles, and moving equipment.This corner protector sold by us is made of high qualitysilica gel. It is odorless, soft and flexible. Ideal for use in high-trafic area and home, each silicone Corner Guard we manufacte is non-toxic and non-flammable for added facility safety or prevent kids and baby injury.
Welcome to contact us for more information, or to find the right desk corner guard protector for you.

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