Sheet Metal · 2023年4月25日

Chalco resumes normal alumina production

Chinalco Mining Co., Ltd., a major alumina producer in Henan, resumed normal production at the end of July. The output in August is expected to be around 7 tons, up from around 8 tons in July, according to a source from the company.

“We have resumed normal alumina production since the end of last month, and this month’s output is expected to be around 120,000 tons, up from around 7 tons in July,” the source said.The company stopped production on July 80,000 due to heavy rain.With an annual production capacity of 7 million tons and four production lines, the output was more than 20 tons from January to July this year, and it was about 240 million tons last year.They mainly execute long-term contracts and currently have no inventory.This person believes that the mainstream ex-factory price of spot alumina in the northern market will remain above 1 yuan/ton in the coming week.

At present, the mainstream ex-factory price of alumina in China is RMB 2,550-2,600/ton, which is stable from the beginning of last week.The supply of alumina in the north is still tight, and many producers are in a state of reduced production due to the shortage of bauxite.

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