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Characteristics of auto parts marketing industry


The auto parts marketing industry has formed its own distinctive features in more than ten years of development and fierce market competition. Many practitioners have achieved good performance in enterprises or individuals because of their multi-faceted and compound abilities to adapt to these characteristics. Master or understand these features and capabilities, for more assemblies and parts that have been damaged from traffic accidents. Auto exhibitions increasingly require practitioners to continuously master more professional knowledge.

Obviously, college graduates and technical secondary school graduates who have worked in the automotive industry or majored in automotive certainly have a certain foundation, but this is only the basic enough to use automotive professional knowledge to be considered as having the ability. The following are two examples: Assume that the customer contacts to buy the engine timing belt by phone. If the salesperson has the corresponding professional knowledge, he should consider whether the belt is replaced due to a fold. If so, further consideration should be given to the possibility that the piston may be broken due to the timing belt being broken and the piston may be damaged due to movement. According to this, you can inquire about or households in a targeted manner. In this way, it is possible to increase sales and to have a favorable business image. The characteristic of strong automotive expertise is obvious, and only two examples are given to emphasize on-the-spot applications.

There are many kinds of products. Generally, an auto parts marketing company mainly sells auto parts of one or two brands, such as Toyota and Nissan parts. One type of accessory may be suitable for a variety of vehicle models or engine models; on the contrary, a model may have one or more engines and other assemblies, and a certain part or assembly of a vehicle model may be common to the model. In short, various models and various accessories are under strict, but not necessarily accurate, determination. Only some of Nissan’s models and engine series are listed roughly. The complexity seems to be evident.

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