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China cnc CNC machine tool parts processing has mastered key core technologies

China's cnc machining cnc machine tools have broken through key core technologies and formed a number of iconic products.  In the field of automobile manufacturing, the large-scale fast and efficient CNC automatic stamping production line has won the bulk orders of the production lines of the American automobile local factories in the international bidding with world-class enterprises, and has been recognized and respected by international counterparts. At present, the domestic market share of automotive panel stamping lines exceeds 70%, and the global market share has exceeded 30%, which has effectively promoted the autonomy of domestic automobile equipment.    In the field of power generation equipment, 36,000 tons of black vertical metal extrusion machine realizes the independent production of domestic high-end heat-resistant steel large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel tubes used in 1000MW ultra-supercritical thermal power units; large-scale opening and closing heat treatment equipment produces the largest in Asia. Nuclear power forging rotor forgings, forming a large-scale production capacity of large rotors; super-heavy-duty CNC vertical turning and milling combined machining machine developed for three-generation nuclear power nuclear islands and conventional island equipment, CNC heavy-duty bridge gantry five-axis linkage turning and milling machine tool , super-heavy-duty CNC floor milling and boring machine, super heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring lathe, special CNC axial groove milling machine, etc., solved the processing problems of nuclear voltage force vessels and baskets, heat exchangers, steam turbine blocks, generator rotors, etc. Installed on multiple nuclear power equipment.
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