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china Company Is A Manufacturer Or A Trade Company?

Are you a manufacturer or trading company?Some questions like "Are you a manufacturer or trading company"  frequently be asked by customers of Weishun on a purpose of collecting informations of a supplier.In order to answer some clients who is with such a puzzle in mind, the write collected some questions most frequently be asked and gave out WeiShun company's answer.1. Who am I?WeiShun company is a manufacturer or a trade company? It is a question most of all clients who want to buy customized silicone products will want to know. WeiShun Silicone Technology Co. Ltd. is a factory produce and sell silicone products. Our mainly market is China, Europe and North America.WeiShun Factory
2. Where are you?WeiShun is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. The nearest port from Weishun is Shenzhen port and Guangzhou port. 3. What products can you produce?Our product range include silicone kids supplies(include waterproof silicone baby bibs, silicone spoon feeder, silicone kids teethers, silicone food plate), kitchen utensil( such as cooking tool set, baking tool spatulas, bowl lids, wine stopper, silicone molds, silicone baking mats etc), promotional gifts etc( such as silicone bands, coin purse, night light).Weishun Showroom
4. What costomized service can WeiShun Offer?Customization servise have printing client's logo, custom colors as well as open new production mold tools.5. Why choose Weishun?
1) Experienced workers. The average working experience of our workers is about 5 years. And our engineer have over ten years working experience on silicone industry.2) Strong R&D  force.  We could design new products. Also we could arrange products according to customer's ideas, pictures , design paper, or samples.

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