Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

China sheet metal processing-instructions for the polishing process of sheet metal processing

Suzhou sheet metal processing-instructions for the polishing process of sheet metal processing


Matters needing attention in sheet metal processing and polishing:


1. Grinders should be certified, and non-grinding mechanics are strictly prohibited to operate and use grinders.


2. Before starting the machine, check the lubrication parts of the machine tool, add oil in time, and check whether the grinding wheel, the iron table and the machine tool operating system are normal.


3. The grinding wheel is unfavorable and should be repaired in time. Pay attention to the following issues when repairing:


4. The trimmed diamond tip must be tangential to the grinding wheel.


5. It is strictly forbidden that the diamond cone point is perpendicular to the grinding wheel to avoid the grinding wheel bursting, damaging the diamond cone point or hurting people.


6. ​​The iron suction table must be clean. Before installing the card, wipe off the dust, iron filings and other sundries on the table to ensure that the table has sufficient suction power on the workpiece.


7. The workpiece must be clamped with a special vise or directly sucked on the work surface, but for small and tall workpieces, auxiliary iron suction must be added to the left and right to prevent the workpiece from flying out during grinding.


8. When grinding, start the grinding wheel first, and then adjust the gap between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. During the trial grinding, take the comparative position as the criterion, and do not cut too much. Generally, 2-3 wire is coarsely ground and 1 wire is finely ground.


9. It is strictly forbidden to grind drill bits above Φ4 on the grinding wheel of the grinder.


10. When grinding, the wheel cover should be well drilled. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wheel cover apart to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and hurting people.


11. After the machine tool is started, the operator is strictly prohibited to leave the machine tool.


12. After work, the wear debris and the site should be cleaned up in time.