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CNC is not equal to a fool, on the intelligentization of CNC machine tools

Simple operation is often regarded as “dumb”. The advent of digital cameras made the film cameras still holding film feel outdated. Digital cameras were once called point-and-shoot cameras; the rapid website building software made programmers shout “liberation”, and the website building finally realized batch and foolishness. With slight changes and picture design, the website can be shaped. All walks of life have begun to popularize the “dumb style” because it is easy to promote, easy to use, and easy to operate. With the continuous improvement of modern technology, machine tools have gradually installed the brain of the numerical control system, and began to realize automatic processing, and manual machine tools have gradually been eliminated from the market. cnc machine tools have also begun to be named “Fool Machine Tools”, all praises and criticisms have been accepted, and they have accepted that they are becoming easier and easier to operate. However, CNC is not equal to a fool. With the improvement of automation, cnc machine tools gradually break away from the shadow of fool machine tools and begin to move towards the advantages of high-precision and high-efficiency machine tools.

The intelligence of CNC machine tools is not only easy to operate, but also in its high efficiency and high precision. “Precision” is also one of the main features that distinguishes machine tools from other machines. Manual machinery often relies on the heavy labor of mechanical workers and years of practice and experience. Engraving, digging, hammering, drilling, and polishing are all kinds of processes. It may be easy to do one, but it is often difficult to ensure that multiple operations are exactly the same. Intelligent batch production can also ensure accuracy without deviation, which is the embodiment of the precision of CNC machine tools. High efficiency lies in its ability to liberate labor and realize 24 hours a day operation. Programmable programming design, a complete set of procedures are completed in reasonable steps, and some machine tools even have the ability to complete all procedures in one setup.

High efficiency, not every “fool” can do it. Taking the Cnc Engraving Machine as an example, it can be more illustrative. In the past, wooden molds were all hand-made by masters, and each mold took a few days to complete. Now, a Cnc Engraving Machine can replace 5 senior wood mold workers and the error of the wood mold is very small, which is very standardized and highly efficient.

The core competition is an upgraded version of automation. It is foolish, which is reflected in the primary level of automation, while intelligence is an upgrade based on it. The intelligence of machine tools has been used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, wind power and other user industries to the fullest in recent years, adding unlimited power to the improvement and development of the entire industrial economy. The times are advancing, and the market demand of the domestic machine tool industry is gradually decreasing. With the slow growth of the total market, the market share of high-precision and intelligent CNC machine tools has increased, and the proportion of CNC machine tools in the total consumption of machine tools has risen to more than 60%. CNC machine tools are developing in the direction of high speed, precision, intelligence and green. The core of intelligent manufacturing is to provide customers with better services. Customers not only need good products, but also very fast service.

Intelligent machine tools and industrial robots complement each other and become fools, and it is often easy to stick to the rules and follow the steps. The intelligence of the machine tool is precisely what makes it continue to innovate, like a Rubik’s Cube, changing various patterns and tapping more potential. Intelligentization is a high-level control technology that integrates information technology, system control technology, electronic technology, optoelectronic technology, communication technology, sensor technology, software technology, and expert system to achieve the purpose of expanding or replacing mental work. The important technological foundation of the digital factory.

Driven by this intelligence and innovation, the industrial structure and product structure of the domestic machine tool industry have shown some gratifying development trends: for example, production line manufacturing technology and application fields have made new progress; as a large-scale manufacturing equipment One of the main types of machines, the machining center is developing towards complex functions, high speed and precision in performance; precision machine tools have entered the micro-nano era; intelligent technology has been widely used; the industrial robot industry has developed rapidly and has become intelligent manufacturing and industrial The key technology and important products of automation.

CNC machine tools and industrial robots are both the embodiment of intelligent production in the industrial field. The complementarity of the two is an inevitable trend in the development of industry and technology. Multiple application examples in major machine tool exhibitions can make us feel the technological progress and huge market prospects brought about by this.

Conclusion: From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, please stop calling CNC machine tools for fools. It will be more intelligent than fools, and it will be more active and creative than fools. The future development direction of machine tools is bound to have a higher degree of automation and more complex functions.

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