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CNC machining cutting, how to control cutting control

Factors affecting cutting in cnc machining
1 Workpiece material: The workpiece material contains two aspects. The quality of the workpiece material itself includes the alloying elements of the workpiece material, hardness, heat treatment state, etc., which directly affects the chip thickness and chip curl. The mild steel has a larger chip thickness than the hard steel; the hard steel is less likely to curl than the soft steel; the thickness of the hard-to-curl chip is thin; but it is not easy to curl when the thickness of the soft steel chip is too large. Second, the shape of the workpiece is also an important factor.
2 Reasonable tool cutting zone geometry is the most common method to improve the controllability of chip formation and the reliability of chip breaking. The rake angle is inversely proportional to the chip thickness, and has the best value for different materials to be processed; the main declination directly affects the chip thickness and width, and the main declination is easy to break.
3 The three factors of cutting amount will limit the chip breaking range. The influence on the chip breaking is the feed amount and the amount of back-feeding, and the cutting speed has the least influence on the chip breaking in the conventional cutting speed.
4 Modern cnc machine tools use the CNC editing function to periodically change the feed amount to achieve the purpose of forced chip breaking, which is usually called “programmed chip breaking”. This method has high chip breaking reliability, but the cutting economy is low.
5 plus cutting fluid, the effective chip breaking range is widened, especially in the small feed chip breaking is easy to curl. Using the high pressure of the cutting fluid to break the chip and remove the chips is an effective method in some processing methods.

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