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Common problems in deep-drawing mold processing

When we are processing precision metal parts, what must we pay attention to to ensure the performance of the metal parts? Let's take a look together now!
   1. Pay attention to the appearance of the workpiece first, it should be as simple as possible, and it should be symmetrical. The reason is that it is a symmetrical stretched part, which has a symmetrical deformation in the upper position of the circle. And for the mold shell, it is very easy to carry out processing in this kind of situation.
   Second, the rounded corners of the workpiece must be suitable. The key is to specify the bottom and wall of the workpiece, as well as its bosses and walls, and the rounded corners to meet the requirements. In addition, increase the rounded half-warp as much as possible to facilitate the molding and reduce the frequency of stretching.
  3. The specifications of each part of the stretched precision hardware should be suitable. During the design of the workpiece, the appearance of bosses and large deep workpieces should be minimized. Because these two kinds of workpieces must be stretched more frequently, in a sense, it increases the production cost. If the workpiece does not meet the requirements of stretching, it can be manufactured according to separate processing to make it meet the requirements of the processing technology.
Fourth, to prevent the unevenness of the thickness of the workpiece, the position of the upper hole must be effective. Regarding the process performance regulations of these two workpieces, attention must also be paid. Pay special attention to workpieces that need to be stretched several times. In addition to this requirement, the hole positions on the key structural surface of the stretched precision hardware should be maintained on a plan to prevent problems.  
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