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Complex Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Now many of the shape of sheet metal structure is very complex, whether it is material or technology, for Sheet Metal Fabrication are indispensable, and arranged metal materials need lean technology requirements. Xiaobian today to come to tell you about the complex Sheet Metal Fabrication skills.
Complex Sheet Metal Fabrication know-how materials:1, good shape of the sheet metal materials more in line with the requirements of complex Sheet Metal Fabrication and manufacturing, to have a permanent effect under the external deformation of the ability to be destroyed.For cold parts, there should be good cold plastic, such as auto parts parts stamping parts; for hot parts, there should be good thermoplastic, such as hot forging spring plate, hot riveting rivets and so on.2, good solderability. Sheet Metal Fabrication through spot welding, oxygen welding, arc welding or gas welding, etc. welding together, so the requirements of sheet metal parts must have a good welding performance. Good weldability of the material is high, the cracking tendency is small.3, good chemical stability. The possibility of a sheet metal application environment is great, such as outdoor sun and rain, it may be high temperature and corrosion gas work and so on. This requires that the sheet metal has good chemical stability.4, good plate size accuracy and intrinsic quality. The dimensional accuracy of the sheet and the intrinsic quality of the Sheet Metal Fabrication. Loud, especially for the greater impact on the molding.5, cheap, economical and practical. This is not only the cost of sheet metal materials itself, but also on the process and equipment requirements, automation equipment cycle is short, high capacity, can effectively reduce the Sheet Metal Fabrication costs, manual processing and general equipment can not be compared.
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