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Design For Silicone Nose Shaper Lifter Clip

Design for silicone Nose Shaper Lifter Clip

Professional Design: This silicone nose shaper lifter clip is according to your external shape and structure of the nose,using external physical acting force to slowly adjust your nose type and size so that modify nasal soft tissue. Scientific method ensure effect is safety, lasting, side effect free and would not hurt.

Easy to Use: Silicone nose shaper lifter clip is easy to use and clean and will not disturb you daily life.Suit for wide nose,low nose,dump nose,crooked nose,big nose,long nose,alley nose women and men,boys and girls,ladies daily use.You can wearing it when you want to do some clean,watching TV program or online shopping.Reshape you nose anytime and anywhere.

Premium Quality: This silicone nose shaper lifter clip is made of high quality and harmless material, consist of ultra durable stainless steel stand and soft silicone pad. When you using it, you will not have any discomfort feeling because the pad is super soft and fit your nose contour.Ensure your whole using time are on safety and comfortable condition.

Nose Reshaper Suggestion: Please stop use immediately if any discomfort you felt. Firstly use it will a little uncomfortable for you is not used to lift your nose with clip. Keep up doing it, great for your nose Listing and Shaping.

How to use: Because your nose is formed of various cartilage, it will be a care product that need you used continuously every day.At the beginning use, Is generally recommended that people use this nose shaper to clip nose about 15-30 mins.But you can increase or decrease the wearing time due to yourself physical adaptation status.Your nose change will become more obvious over time.Your nose will become more taller, straighter and more attractive.

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