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Disposable product moulds maker in China

China mould the leading company in making disposable products moulds in China. We have more than 20 years rich experience specialized in making disposable product moulds.

Disposable tableware moulds like: disposable plastic spoon, fork and knife.
Disposable hygienic products as: disposable plastic toothbrush, shaver and cup for hotel use.
Sino provide you multi-cavity moulds for producing disposable products with high quality and fast cycle time.
1. China makes moulds for disposable products with24-caviy, 32-cavity, 48-cavity and etc.
2. China makes moulds for disposable products with no burs and no flash.
3. China owns high precision tooling machines—high speed CNC milling machines, 5axis milling machines and largest EDM machines and so on for machining moulds and control the moulds precision and make sure every parts of the mould with standard and accurate dimension.
4. Also when mould finished, they will be sent to Detection Center and inspection the mould quality including the mould dimension and mould precision to make sure every cavity has the same and standard weight and dimension.
5. For this kind of disposable products moulds, the cycle time is about the 6s to 10s.
If you have any projects on plastic disposable products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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