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Do CNC machine tools need maintenance?

Numerical control lathes require oil change and maintenance, and many people have doubts about this. Let me answer it for you! The fully automatic CNC lathe is the same as your car. After you buy it, you must pay attention to the sanitation on the table, so that dust and iron filings cannot enter the track. The disadvantages that occur after entering are that the accuracy becomes worse and the hand feel becomes heavier. It is very heavy and laborious, so the new fully automatic CNC lathe should be changed once a month in the early stage, once a year in the next three months, and must be changed three times in the first three months. When the oil of the fully active CNC lathe is changed, the impurities in the track of the CNC lathe will also be reduced. It will flow into the oil tank along with the new oil, will not stay in the track, and will not scratch the track. The daily maintenance of the automatic CNC lathe is as follows:
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1. Check the height of the smooth oil level to ensure that the machine is smooth.

2. Check whether the coolant in the coolant tank is sufficient, and it cannot be increased in time.

3. Check the oil level of the pneumatic triplex, which is about 2/3 of the height of the entire oil pipe. The water and air in the pneumatic triple-piece oil filter tank are discharged from the drain switch every day.
cnc machine tools

4. Check the air pressure, loosen the adjustment knob, adjust the pressure according to the principle of right-handed pressure and left-handed pressure, generally set to 5~7KG/CM2. The pressure switch is generally set to 5KG/CM2. When the pressure is lower than 5KG/CM2, it will alarm, and the system will display “LOWAIRPRESSURE” alarm. When the pressure rises, the alarm information will disappear.

5. Check whether the air blowing in the cone hole in the spindle of the CNC lathe is normal, scrub the cone hole in the spindle with a clean cotton cloth, and spray light oil

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