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Do You Know Why Carbon Fiber Boards Are Used In Drones?

How much do you know about carbon fiber board?Today we’ll learn why it can be used in drones.1.Long endurance: carbon fiber has the characteristics of ultra-light weight, and the carbon fiber uav frame made of it is very light in weight, which has a longer endurance compared with other unmanned aerial vehicles made of other materials.
2.Strong sturdiness: the compressive strength of carbon fiber is over 3500MP, and it has the characteristics of high strength. The carbon fiber uav is made with strong anti-fall and anti-pressure ability.
3.Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble: carbon fiber multi-rotor uav frame structure is simple, using aluminum column and bolt connection, so that in the process of component installation, layout is very convenient;Can be assembled anytime and anywhere, easy to carry;Very convenient to use;And USES the aviation aluminum column and the bolt, the firmness is strong.
4.Good stability: the head of the carbon fiber multi-rotor carbon fiber uav frame has the effect of shock absorption and stability improvement, which can offset the influence of the fuselage shaking or vibration.Good combination of shock-absorbing ball and cloud platform, effectively increase the stability and reduce the shock-absorbing property, smooth flight in the air;
5.Safety: carbon fiber multi-rotor uav can guarantee a high safety factor because the power is distributed to multiple arms.In flight, the force can be balanced, easy to control, automatic hover, so that it can fly in the desired path, to avoid sudden descent caused damage. 

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