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Do you understand five-axis CNC machining?

Five-axis cnc machine tool features
Speaking of the characteristics of the five-axis cnc machine tool, it is necessary to compare with the traditional three-axis equipment. Three-axis machining equipment is relatively common in production, including vertical, horizontal and gantry. Common machining methods include end mill edge machining and side edge machining. The contouring of the ball head knife and so on. But no matter which form and method has a common feature, the direction of the tool axis remains constant during the machining process. The machine tool can only realize the rectangular coordinate of the tool in space by interpolation of three linear axes of X, Y and Z. The movement in the system. Therefore, in the face of the following products, the disadvantages of low efficiency, poor surface quality and even inability to process the three-axis machine are exposed.

Compared with the three-axis cnc machining equipment, the five-link CNC machine has the following advantages:
1. Maintain the optimal cutting state of the tool and improve the cutting conditions

As shown above, in the three-axis cutting mode on the left, when the cutting tool moves toward the tip or the edge of the workpiece, the cutting state gradually deteriorates. To maintain optimum cutting conditions here, you need to rotate the table. And if we want to completely machine an irregular plane, we must rotate the table multiple times in different directions. It can be seen that the five-axis cnc machine can also avoid the situation that the ball end mill center point line speed is 0, and obtain better surface quality.
2. Effectively avoid tool interference

As shown above, for the components such as impellers, blades and integral blade discs used in the aerospace industry, the three-axis equipment cannot meet the process requirements due to interference. The five-axis cnc machine can be satisfied. At the same time, the five-axis cnc machine can also use shorter tools for machining, increase system rigidity, reduce the number of tools, and avoid the creation of special tools. For our business owners, it means that in terms of tool cost, the five-axis cnc machine will save you money!
3. Reduce the number of clamping times, complete the five-sided processing in one setup

As can be seen from the above figure, the five-axis CNC machining center can also reduce the reference conversion and improve the machining accuracy. In the actual processing, only one clamping is required, and the machining accuracy is more easily guaranteed. At the same time, due to the shortening of the process chain and the reduction of the number of equipment, the five-axis cnc CNC machining center also reduces the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment maintenance costs. This means you can achieve more efficient and higher quality machining with fewer fixtures, less plant space and maintenance costs!
4. Improve processing quality and efficiency
As shown in the figure, the five-axis cnc machine tool can be cut by the tool side edge, and the machining efficiency is higher.

5. Shorten the production process chain and simplify production management
The complete machining of the five-axis CNC machine tool greatly shortens the production process chain and simplifies production management and scheduling. The more complex the workpiece, the more obvious its advantages over the traditional process-dispersed production methods.
6. Shorten new product development cycle
For aerospace, automotive and other companies, some new product parts and forming molds are complex in shape and high in precision. Therefore, a five-axis CNC machining center with high flexibility, high precision, high integration and complete processing capability can be used. It is a good solution to the accuracy and cycle problems of complex parts processing in the process of new product development, greatly shortening the development cycle and improving the success rate of new products.
In summary, the five-axis cnc machine tool has too many advantages, but the five-axis cnc machine tool tool attitude control, CNC system, CAM programming and post-processing are more complicated than the three-axis machine tool! At the same time, we said that the five-axis cnc machine tool has to say the true and false five-axis problem. We all know that the biggest difference between the true and the fake five-axis is the RTCP function. However, what is RTCP, how is it generated and how should it be applied? Let's take a look at RTCP in detail with the machine structure and post-programming to understand his true face.
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