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Does Baby Safe Silicone Door Stoppers Are Necessary?

Does a door stopper is necessary?Do you want to stop children from doing games of opening and closing doors? The silicone door stopper which put between door and floor is such a product designed to solve this annoy of parents.

How do parents keep their kids from slamming doors? For many parents, they stop kids from game of opening door and slamming doors is not only because the annoying sudden noise. Most importantly, it is risk on hurting kids.After a round noises of door slamming, it is followed crying sounds of your naughty kids. The child's fingers are smashed! It is a frequently happen scene in many family having kids. Before children can really learn lessons from their pinched fingers, scenes like this will happen several times, decade times or even more.Here is a silicone door stopper designed to put between door and floor. When the height of the inclined plane of door stopper is higher than the narrow between door and floor, door can not move ahead. Even child put fingers in the narrow part between door and other parts, when door can't move, the risk of injury will decrease.All in all, door wedge which can keep door open or closed is necessary.

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