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Dongguan machinery parts processing manufacturers, Where is the development of CNC machining ?

Improve quality and energy as the main line, industry linkage as the cornerstone, enhance the physical market, strengthen the online market, expand professional exhibitions, plan and develop high-end service markets serving advanced manufacturing, improve corporate governance, and accelerate the modernization of international hardware in our city The guiding ideology of "Famous City Construction Provides Good Services" points out the direction for our future work.
To this end, we must carefully implement the measures in accordance with the work requirements of the group company, solidly promote the implementation of various tasks, and run them through all aspects and links of the work.
In particular, we must focus on the center of "building a modern international hardware city in Dongguan", highlight the focus of "business travel, city civilization, and prosperity", seize the main line of improving quality and energy, further enhance the physical market, expand the online market, and do professional exhibitions. , 
Improve the level of corporate governance, vigorously carry out the creation of the provincial five-star civilized and standardized market, courageously and creatively work, accurately grasp the development laws of commodity professional markets, break through development obstacles, enhance market development vitality, and continue to create hardware city market development New situation.

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