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Dow Corning Electronics’ New Thermally Conductive Compound Offers Electronics Makers Affordable, Effective Conductivity

AMD is First Semiconductor Manufacturer to Qualify TC-5121 for Use in Manufacturing

Dow Corning Corporation’s Electronics and Advanced Technologies group today announced the global availability of DOW CORNING(R) TC-5121 Thermally Conductive Compound – designed for mid-range electronic systems, such as desktop computers and graphic processing units. The new compound provides impressive thermal performance, as well as a formula less likely than other thermal materials to scratch heat-sink lids.

Microprocessor producer, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. evaluated the new compound for low thermal resistance, reliability and screen printability, and qualified it for use in manufacturing. The TC-5121 demonstrated a high level of thermal conductivity at 2.5 W/mK and a low level of thermal resistance at 0.1 degrees C cm(2)/W. These properties enable better screen printing, lower bondline thickness and easier application.

Semiconductor manufacturers use thermally conductive compounds to carry heat away from PC microprocessors, graphics processors and other critical components, typically by applying a thin layer of the compound between a chip and a heat sink. Other emerging markets for these thermal materials include light-emitting diodes, flat-panel displays and a variety of communication and automotive products.

TC-5121 combines high-performance Dow Corning silicon polymers with relatively small, soft heat-conducting filler particles to significantly reduce cosmetic scratches to heat-sink lids. Other competitive thermally conductive compounds tend to use larger, harder particles, which are more prone to scratching heat sinks during re-work.

"This new thermal compound gives customers a broader thermal value range than most high thermal-resistance greases," said David Hirschi, Dow Corning’s global thermal management marketing manager. "It also reduces the problem of scratches for manufacturers who are concerned about the appearance of heat- sink lids that dissipate heat from microprocessors and graphics processors."

Dow Corning Electronics offers global technical support for the new material.

Dow Corning’s Electronics and Advanced Technologies Industry serves the needs of the electronics, optoelectronics and semiconductor industries with specialized, high-purity silicone- and silicon-containing products and solutions.

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