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Dust Mask N95

It is composed of dust removing element, exhaling valve, suction valve, headband, half hood, etc. It is a self-priming dust filter mask with separate suction and exhalation channels.

application: coal, non-coal, smelting, petroleum, chemical products manufacturing, organic chemical raw materials manufacturing, light industrial products manufacturing, medicine, food, feed, metallurgy, casting and forging, machinery manufacturing, building materials manufacturing, construction, decoration, municipal construction, transportation manufacturing, electric power and other industries.

 Dust Mask N95


Classification: it is divided into active air supply type and careful filter type, mainly composed of filter element, hood, eye window, exhalation device and hood.

environment: suitable for high concentration toxic gas environment.

Filter element classification :

The filtration performance of filter element is divided into KN(anti-oil particle) and KP(anti-oil particle and non-oil particle).


1. For the environment where volatile particles exist, silica gel dust respirator that can simultaneously filter the particles and volatile gases shall be selected.

2. Suitable silica gel dust respirator should be selected according to the dispersion of particles. For example, some low-end silica gel dust masks only have filtering effect on general dust, but no filtering effect on particles, smoke or steam.

3, if the dust has oil, should choose to filter oil dust silica gel dust mask.

4. If the dust is radioactive, choose the silica gel dust respirator with the highest filtration efficiency.


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