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Features of CNC lathe

It is reported that in the new industry exhibition, China’s self-developed intelligent control system for CNC lathes has received great attention.

The system integrates information, motion control, electronics, machine tools and other technologies to realize the core functions of CNC lathes such as intelligence, automation and digital management.

Humanization meets the diverse needs of customers.

In addition to meeting industry standards, efficiency and stability have been improved. What’s more valuable is that the integrated modular design is easier to maintain and meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

Make the control of the CNC lathe more humane.
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With a large population, the largest population, and a huge labor force, China has become the largest processing and manufacturing market.

In recent years, domestic attention has been paid to the brake production mode of the manufacturing industry, and the application and demand of CNC lathes have gradually increased.

As an indispensable mainstream equipment in automated production, the independent production and operation of CNC lathes are closely related to the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Therefore, the emergence of domestic CNC lathes is imperative.

With the development of these years, domestic CNC lathes have already possessed a certain scale.

Since the 1980s, China has introduced relevant equipment and technology for the first time to prepare for the transformation of China’s manufacturing and industrial industries from extensive to intensive.

Although CNC lathes have been gradually used, advanced CNC core technology and core equipment are still in the hands of developed countries.

This shows that China’s manufacturing development in key areas must be controlled by the people.

In order to get rid of this predicament, in order to better serve the manufacturing industry, it also demonstrates the strength and essence of Chinese-style manufacturing. China CNC lathe production and operation companies are united and strive to make domestic CNC lathes shine.

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