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Fitting mold


INTRODUCTION . The pipe for domestic and street sewerage systems together with the appropriate coupling sleeves are intended to be used for the removal of all kinds of waste water. Assembly of the pipeline is extremely easy, pipes are con­nected to one another with fittings while complete seal is achieved with use of rub­ber bands. Maximum temperature of application is +60oC. Pipes are resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alkalis, sulphates, aggressive gas and all kinds of detergents. On the other hand, they cannot be used for the transport of water which contains high percentage of benzene, benzine (petrol) or acetone.
Basic charcteristics ,technical date and the applicability
»»very light material
»»simple and easy way of both transport and manipulation
»»fast and cheap assembling
»»pipe connections are resistant to water and other type of fluids
»»they are resistant to corrosion in alkaline, acid or aggressive environment
»»they are fine electrical insulator, and also resistant to mechanical impact
»»guaranteed life time of more than 50 years
»»practically no costs of pipeline maintenance
»»connection with muffs and gaskets made of EPDM or rubber

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