Sheet Metal · 2023年3月6日

Flap disks feature natural hemp with polypropylene binder backing plate

CS Unitec’s new line of abrasive flap disks, which use the PLANTEX® high-tech compound, are the first in the world with a backing plate made of natural hemp with a polypropylene binder, the company reports. The abrasive fabric is 100 percent pure zirconium and is available in grits from 40 to 120 on disks from 4 in. to 7 in. dia.

Designed for grinding steel and stainless steel, the patented disks feature heat-absorbent, spring-like properties of the hemp fiber substrate; a self-trimming hemp backing plate so that the disc automatically reduces in size during grinding, allowing 100 percent utilization of the abrasive fabric; and high insulating, damping, and noise-reducing properties. According to the manufacturer, the disks help lead to safer working conditions by eliminating fiberglass, mineral fibers, and epoxy resin.

Users can dispose of the compound as domestic waste. When disposed of by thermal methods, the polypropylene binding produces almost no residue.

For more information, visit the CS Unitec Inc. showroom.

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