Sheet Metal · 2023年3月6日

Foldable crate on sale

Plastic foldable crates were more and more widely required on market, as it really save a lot of cost on transportation. SHG as one of the leading plastic molding company, it already developed various series foldable crates with different size and different function. A series crate with holes on walls and size from 400*300*150mm to 800*600*450mm, it can be used to transport fruit, vegetable and so on. B series crate without hole, it can be used to transport seafood, like fish, crab, and shrimp. C series crate is better than A and B, it is do some development on A and B series. For D series, it is for big size crate, the biggest size is 1200*1000*1000mm.


These foldable crates are made with HDPE material, it is very durable and with long life, such kind high quality foldable crate is developed after many times trial, now we are successfully on trial out, and put it into market. If you have interest on our crate, feel free to send your inquiry to me.

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