Sheet Metal · 2023年1月5日

Fushun Aluminum Forming Department realized electricity cost reduction of 10 yuan in July

“It is our work goal to let everyone know how to settle accounts and actively establish the awareness of reducing costs and consumption!” The team made clear requirements.

Data shows that since 2021, the production power consumption per ton of power in the forming department has been reduced from 53.8kwh/t in January, and it has dropped to 47.06kwh/t in July. Combined with the calculation of output, the electricity cost in July was reduced by nearly 200,000 kWh compared with January, and the cost was reduced by nearly 100,000 yuan.

Since the company’s full-scale discussion on “What can I do to catch up with the benchmark” this year, the Forming Department has put a lot of effort into reducing electricity costs. While continuing to carry out measures such as performance-linked assessment and peak-shift power consumption, the forming department will further strengthen the awareness of cost reduction of employees as a new direction. Over the past few months, the department has continuously carried out cost-reduction knowledge training covering every employee through internal economic activity analysis meetings, ministerial affairs meetings, and pre-shift meetings, and always instilled the concept of “cost control is the competitiveness of enterprises”. , And let everyone understand that the rise and fall of an enterprise is closely related to the interests of employees.

As employees’ awareness of cost reduction continues to increase, and cost reduction measures continue to be implemented, the habit of employees to actively look for “bleeding points”, leaks, and cost reduction points has become popular in the molding department.

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