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Grasp the dynamics of the lubricant market according to market changes


Adjust the industrial structure and establish a professional lubricant grease group. The lubricant grease industry lacks powerful companies and brands that can compete with foreign brands. The future market competition is mainly brand competition. Therefore, we should make full use of the advantages of the “Great Wall”, “Feitian”, “Haipai”, “Nanhai” and “Seven Stars” mutual brands and the advantages of operation and management, in the form of alliances or mergers, to advance and adjust the industrial structure, and to establish a professional Lubricants and Grease Group to achieve complementary advantages and enhance overall competitiveness. Attach importance to research and development, and establish the core competence of a core technology enterprise is technology. Enterprises must clarify their own scientific and technological development strategies, increase investment in science and technology, train their own research and development teams, and establish their own core technologies in terms of product development or production processes, so as to create core competitive advantages.

Analyze the market from a systematic point of view and timely adjust marketing strategies to analyze market development trends. Not only should we pay attention to the direct impact of WTO accession on the lubricant industry, but also the macroeconomic situation of the country after WTO accession, as well as the automobile industry, electromechanical industry, and transportation. The development trend of the transportation industry, textile industry, etc., grasps the dynamics of the lubricant market as a whole, adjusts marketing strategies in time according to market changes, explores new marketing models, actively guides consumption, and creates markets.

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