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Hot half mold system

Hot runner system is widely used in the plastic mould system for its high production efficiency,save plastic raw material and get better appearance products.The hot runner technology is developed very quickly.Sino Mould could supply you high quality hot runner mould.

Hot half mold system is a kind of hot runner system with mould plate which is easier for mould assembling.After this part is ready,we just need to make the cavity and core side half mould.Why this technology developed?This is because for the hot runner mould assembling,it is quite complex for unexperienced people.If the hot runner supplier could make the hot runner system assemble ready,that will be easier for the mould assembling.

Hot runner mould maker China is specialized for hot runner moulds,such as 4tips hot runner crate moulds,multi-tips hot runner pallet moulds,multi-cavity hot runner cap moulds,valve gate hot runner PET preform moulds,hot runner paint bucket moulds and so on.We could offer you a fine solution for technology training.Hot runner mould China,hot runner molding solution,famous hot runner mould China,Hot runner mould supplier China,Hot runner mould maker China.

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