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How did the silicone mask develop

Silica gel mask is from the development of anti-toxic anti-fog mask, silicone mask service life is long, soft and comfortable, , It is not easy to cause allergic reactions with a long time to wear. However, the silicone material is also divided into different degrees of hardness and soft hard, high hardness mask is easy to produce indentation, hardness of the mask may not be strong, easy to leak.

It is understood that the silica gel mask is not ture silicone materials, in fact, it just stick in the face of the silica gel material made of parts, the main part is Plastic. Because silicone products have some advantages ,such as good skin affinity, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and comfortable, not aging, hard, easy to clean, durable, deformation etc,It can be repeated use still ensure good adhesion, sealing.

 However, if the filtration part of silica gel mask and ordinary mask cannot achieve multi-layer filtration at the same time, the filter cotton is still used, such as synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven cloth filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton and so on. If filter the air with a layer of filter cotton in an attempt to protect against a novel coronavirus, the actual effect varies greatly. Therefore, whether it is silicone masks or ordinary masks, the most important problem is the middle of the filter.

At present, most silicone masks are mainly made of filtration materials, filtration channels, exhaust valves, silicone face seals and silicone materials. It can prevent harmful gas leakage into the mask. 

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