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How to achieve anti-interference of four-column hydraulic machine electrical appliances

Every four-column hydraulic machine has a control system, if it can ensure that the electrical control is not disturbed by the surrounding environment when the command is announced. Generally speaking, radar systems, television and broadcast transmission systems, radio frequency induction and medium heating equipment, radio frequency and microwave medical equipment, various electrical processing equipment, communication transmission stations, satellite earth communication stations, large-scale power generation stations, power transmission and transformation Equipment, high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage transmission lines, subway trains, electric trains, and most household appliances are all sources of electromagnetic radiation that can generate various forms, different frequencies, and different intensities.

  • 1. Physical barrier. Increase the distance between the disturbed circuit (or device) and the disturbing source, because the disturbing intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Increase the distance between the disturbed source and the disturbed circuit as much as possible, which will greatly reduce the transmission of disturbing and reduce the system failure rate. , Especially in the bad condition of the power supply, it is effective to select the voltage stabilizer equipment to shake the power supply and instantaneous power failure. In order to suppress the noise of the power supply and the interference between the power supply and the earth cable, a blocking transformer can be directly connected between the power supply and the numerical control device.
  • 2, filtering. The filter can control the input disturbance and various disturbances induced on the signal transmission line. Commonly used are low-pass filters and DC filters, which are generally installed between the power supply of the four-column Hydraulic Press and the numerical control device.
  • 3, shielding. In order to protect the equipment and components of the four-column hydraulic press from external electromagnetic fields, barriers and shields are usually used.Electrostatic shielding. It is to eliminate the disturbance caused by the coupling of sub-capacitors between circuits. Low-frequency magnetic field shielding. Regarding the stable magnetic field and low-frequency magnetic field, the use of high-permeability ferromagnetic materials can complete the shielding. It confines the lines of magnetic force to a shielded conductor with very small magnetic resistance. In addition, the use of twisted-pair cables can also eliminate this type of interference. Electromagnetic shielding. Through reflection or absorption method to withstand or sweep away electromagnetic.
  • 4. Grounding. If the equipment connects its enclosure to the earth, it is grounding for maintenance; if the system ground wire is connected to the earth, it is the system grounding. Through maintenance grounding, or system grounding, etc., the purpose of anti-interference can also be achieved.

After the above protection, no matter what environment your four-column hydraulic press is working in, you can ensure that it accurately accepts instructions and completes every action perfectly.

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