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How to clean car air conditioners at the turn of spring and summer

The weather is getting warmer, and car owners start to use the air conditioner frequently when driving out. Since the air conditioner is not used for a long time, it will emit a peculiar smell when the air conditioner is turned on for the first time. This peculiar smell is emitted from the air conditioning pipe, so before summer , Can clean up the car air conditioner once.

During the rainy spring and summer, the air-conditioning pipes in the car are easy to breed. If they are not cleaned up in time, it will be very harmful to the health of the members of the car. The air-conditioning filter element of the vehicle should be replaced once a year or 30,000 kilometers, but many car owners think that it is used less and there is no need to clean the air-conditioning filter and other parts. By the turn of spring and summer, many car maintenance shops will launch special air-conditioning cleaning services, but they are not valued by car owners. Few car owners take the initiative to clean up the air-conditioning filter, which is a problem that is easily overlooked.

The price of cleaning and replacing air-conditioning filter elements in the market ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. The high price discourages many car owners. They will choose tens of yuan of air-conditioning cleaning agent to clean the air-conditioning.

In terms of the effect of cleaning the air duct, the effect of cleaning the air conditioner by yourself is the same as the effect of 4S shops and professional auto beauty shops, but from the overall air conditioning system, the method of cleaning the air conditioner by yourself cannot be compared with the effect of professional cleaning the air conditioner. Yes, the reason is that I can’t clean the evaporator, and most of the odor of the air conditioner comes from the evaporator.

Some car owners often think of turning off the air conditioner after the engine is turned off. This is harmful to the engine, because the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner when the vehicle is started next time. Such a high load will damage the engine. Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned off and then turned off after each parking, and the air conditioner should be turned on after the vehicle has been started for two or three minutes and the engine has been lubricated.

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