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How to clean the car dashboard

Car dashboard cleaning needs to be meticulous. A very important part of the interior of the car is the instrument panel that every driver will directly face. Its cleanliness will directly affect the visual experience of the passengers on the overall effect of the car’s internal environment. Due to the complex structure and many corners, it is difficult to clean various switches and meters. Paying a little attention to the dashboard will find that there are few parts that can be cleaned with only a rag and sponge. These ditch and ridge areas require “special tools”. In this case, the “special tools” designed by yourself can come in handy. A variety of wood chips or rulers of different thicknesses, repairing its head into different styles such as oblique triangle, rectangle or pointed, and then wrapping it in a clean rag to sweep the ditch and ridges is the most ideal, and it improves the cleanliness. It is effective without causing damage to the cleaned part.

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