Laser Cutting · 2021年5月7日

How to deal with the problem of process arrangement in sheet metal processing parts?

In sheet metal processing parts, the order arrangement of the processing technology is also an important aspect, because if the process sequence is not correct, the processing effect of the sheet metal processing parts will be seriously affected, and the expected purpose cannot be achieved. It is very important. So below, we will introduce this aspect, so that everyone can have a clear understanding and understanding of this aspect through this article, so as to be able to correctly perform sheet metal processing parts, so as to obtain the desired expected effect.
The order arrangement of the processing technology of sheet metal parts, generally speaking, mainly includes the following aspects
: 1. The cutting sequence is rough first and then refined: it is roughing first, then semi-finishing, finishing and finishing. First, first, then second: some major processing first, followed by the processing of the secondary surface. Face first and hole later: It is to process the plane and the end face of the hole for positioning first, and then process the hole, which can make the workpiece positioning and clamping and stable and reliable, and can ensure the position accuracy of the hole and the plane. Base surface first: It means to process the fine base surface first, and then process other surfaces.
2. Annealing and normalizing of heat treatment process: Generally, it is carried out before the sheet metal processing parts. Aging treatment: Generally, an aging treatment is arranged before or after roughing. If the accuracy requirements are relatively high, then after semi-finishing, an aging treatment should be carried out. Quenching and tempering: Sheet metal processing manufacturers generally do it after rough machining. If the performance requirements are not high, it can also be used as the final heat treatment.