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How to Ensure the Wind Resistance of the Structural Factory Floor Panels?

We all know that steel structure itself has strong seismic and wind resistance properties, but steel structure retaining systems usually do not have such strong performance. In some coastal areas, we often see such news, that is, the color steel plate is blown down by the wind, so we need to seriously consider how to increase the wind resistance of color steel plates, especially in coastal areas.

1. The reason for the instability of the roof panel

The reason why it was picked up by the strong wind was that it did not pay attention to the anti-typhoon design of the doors and windows, and the strong wind blows the door open, especially the strength of the rolling door is even worse. Some window glass is fixed only by putty, and when the wind is strong, the putty can’t hold up such a large force, so the wind that opens the door and window greatly exceeds the factors considered in the design. Therefore, the roof panel will be picked up, or it may be caused by the instability of the purlin under the wind suction.

2. The strength of the roof itself needs to be improved

The strength of the roof panel itself is also greatly related to its being blown by the wind, so it is necessary to strengthen the improvement of its own strength. For example, the reason why the snap-type roof panel is picked up is that the fastener does not use the high-strength steel to buckle the plate, and some fasteners are not connected by bolts and purlins on the side of the fastener, so that the fastener is damaged by bending. Or the area of the bolt washer is too small, and the result is pulled out by the wind.

3. Lighting board needs more attention

The lighting panel is the focus of the snap-on leakage and the possibility of being pulled up. Because the lighting plate and the roof panel are lapped laterally, because the expansion coefficients of the two are different, it is easy to form, and the rigidity of the lighting panel is relatively small, and the additional force for the purlin is not enough, so the lighting panel is softer and easier to form a gap. It is very likely that the wind and heavy rain will pour in. The intensity of the lighting board itself is particularly easy to be blown by the wind. Therefore, when lapping the lighting board, it is better to put a color strip under the bolt or other structurally strong board. In recent years, color steel plates or rolling doors have been blown up by the wind, and numerous incidents have occurred, especially in the coastal areas. Therefore, when we carry out the construction of the steel structure workshop, we must pay attention to the solid performance of the color steel plate or other roof panels.

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