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How to prevent and control fertilizer pollution

 1.Strengthen environmental protection awareness and strengthen management

(1) Some people are not aware of the potential dangers of chemical fertilizers to the soil environment and human health. In the future, education should be strengthened to raise the public's environmental awareness.

(2) Pay attention to management, strictly monitor and inspect the pollutants in chemical fertilizers, and prevent the masses from bringing excessive harmful substances into the soil when applying chemical fertilizers.

(3) Establish standards for the allowable amount of harmful substances, and use laws and regulations to prevent and control fertilizer pollution.

2. Improve fertilization methods

(1) Deep application of nitrogen fertilizer has obvious effect on saving fertilizer. For example, deep application of ammonium bicarbonate can increase its utilization rate by 31-32%, and deep application of urea can increase its utilization rate by 5-12.7%.

(2) Phosphate fertilizers should be applied intensively in accordance with the principle of heavy drought and light water, so as to increase the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer and reduce soil pollution.

3. Increase the application of farm manure and popularize formula fertilization technology

(1) Traditional farm manure in my country includes crop stalks, animal manure, green manure, etc. The application of farm manure can increase the content of organic matter in the soil and make the microorganisms in the soil multiply, thereby improving the soil structure, increasing the absorption capacity of the soil, and increasing The adsorption capacity of soil colloids for toxic substances such as heavy metals.

(2) Formulated fertilization technology is a comprehensive application of modern agricultural scientific and technological achievements. According to the law of crop fertilizer requirements, soil fertilizer performance, fertilizer effect, under the condition of organic fertilizer as the main condition, the appropriate amount and proportion of various fertilizers applied before delivery And the corresponding fertilization method. The popularization of formula fertilization technology can determine the amount of fertilization, the type of fertilization, and the period of fertilization, which will help balance the supply of nutrients lacking in the soil, reduce the waste of chemical fertilizers, and avoid pollution to the soil environment.

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