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How to purchase custom sheet metal processing industrial control chassis?

How to purchase custom sheet metal processing industrial control chassis? Industrial control cabinets are generally used in harsh environments. Places with a lot of noise and dust. The main board of the machine is divided into two parts, the bottom plate + cpu card form. The advantages of industrial control cabinets are resistant to extrusion, corrosion, dust, vibration, and radiation. Mainly used in harsh environments

For example: navigation, power plants, chemicals, mining plants, underground operations, etc. Industrial control cabinets are generally used in the military, radio stations, and television stations. Its advantages are good heat dissipation, good scalability, and good stability.

1. Materials.

The plastic of the front panel of a good chassis is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is strong and stable. If the plastic used in the case is not hard enough, or it is brittle and easy to break, the quality must be problematic. The steel plate should be at least 0.8 mm or more. The material should be galvanized steel, which has high hardness and strong elasticity. It is definitely not a good material if the thickness is not enough or it can be bent with a little force.

2. Workmanship.

  • 1. Look at whether the steel frame has burrs or sharp edges. Good chassis Jiuyin Industrial Controls are often edge-wrapped, and at least they have been polished, so that you will never be “scarred” during installation;
  • 2. To see if the chassis frame is firm and stable, the simple way is to lift it up and shake it vigorously. If it shakes or even deforms, it is definitely not a good product;
  • 3. Check whether the internal production is professional, such as whether the position and size of the holes on the chassis are matched when installing the motherboard, and whether the positioning of the drive slot and the card position are accurate, etc.
  • 4.To see if there are EMI contacts, there are many small protrusions around the side panels. This can reduce electromagnetic waves, which is beneficial to human health.

In short, the important thing to choose a chassis is to look at its materials, workmanship and practicality, and never be confused by the fashion of its appearance.

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