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How was the food grade silicone tube manufactured?

How was the food grade silicone tube manufactured?

1. Preparation: Silicone extrusion raw materials are distinguished by hardness. For example, a 50° silicone tube is made from a 50° extrusion material, and  vulcanizing agent,  colorant, and other auxiliary materials are prepared.

2. Mixing: Also known as the rubber, it is necessary to repeatedly press the flexible solid material through the compacting machine. at the same time, the prepared vulcanizing agent and color gel need to be added in the raw material  , The ratio is strictly controlled, and the proportion of color glue added is also based on Pantone.

3. Vacuum: After the silica gel extrusion material changes into a flat state, we carefully observe that there will be many bubble phenomena, which will cause the silica gel extrusion products such as food grade silicone tubes to have broken walls and bubbles. So we need to vacuum to avoid this situation.
4. Extrusion: the flat material is cut into strips, because the silicone extrusion feed port is not large. It needs to pass the threaded pipe to push the silica material a little forward, and then the raw material is passed through the die mouth. Bake in a high temperature oven (because the silicone material is a flexible material that will collapse or twist together after extrusion). Under high temperature baking, the silicone will retain its original shape without causing collapse.

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