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Inappropriate part of NX Chinese translation: WCS is set as the reference coordinate system

Recently I was learning NX modeling. After encountering a video explaining the coordinate system in detail, I finally understood why I could not understand the meaning of the command “Set WCS as the reference coordinate system” before. In fact, this is a translation problem. I think the appropriate translation should be: “Set WCS to this coordinate system” or “Attach WCS to this coordinate system”, so that it is more in line with the actual effect of this command.

Regarding the text file corresponding to this translation, I used the file name “*simpl_chinese.txt” to search in the program folder, and I filtered out 2387 files. After copying all the files to another folder, I used keywords to search for the contents of the files. , The scope is narrowed down to 50 files. After opening them one by one, I searched for the text, but did not find the corresponding translation entry. Could you please tell me the name of the translation file corresponding to this command? I can find the location by myself.

The translation problem I encountered is related to another assembly:

The name of NX12.0 “fit for windows” sounds weird, and it is completely irrelevant to the command introduction.

In the NX1953 version, this command is called “equal size matching”, which looks much better.

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