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Injection Molding Production

Injection molding production
1. mold within the normal range of injection molding processing conditions, should have the molding stability and reproducibility of the process parameters to adjust.
2. the mold injection pressure, should generally be less than rated maximum injection pressure of the injection molding machine 85%.
3. the mould production injection speed, injection of its three-fourths stroke speed not less than the rated maximum speed 10% or exceed the rated maximum speed 90%.
4. the mold injection holding pressure should be less than the actual maximum injection pressure of 85%.
5. the mould clamping force of production, should be less than the applicable machine rated locking force of the 90%.
6. injection molding production process, product and regrind material easier to remove, security (usually no more than 2 seconds).
7. take the mold of insert products, in production inserts are easy to install, insert fixed to be reliable.Previous: Effects Of Mould On The Die LifeNext: Control Measures For Casting Defects

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